Monday, December 23, 2013


And yet those of us soberly
seeing reality are expected to politely overlook,
even support, the zealous nature
of believers...
so fragile is their faith.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If 'Prayer' Worked....

...the sorry false-prophet daddy-fuckers would
all be feeding the worms in the ground
right now, and finally making a positive
contribution to the universe!
(Can we have found the Fountain of
Youth? Are ignorance and hatefulness
natural restorers of longevity? Regardless,
they sure don't produce good looks.)

Hope y'all make it in time to attend the
Convention of Little Hitlers in Hell, y'all.
(Naw...there's still no 'Hell'--all our Devils
are planet side.)


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shoot the 'Messenger'

Anyone daring to speak 'on behalf of'
an omniscient deity should automatically
be considered disturbed, and all procla-
mations dismissed with extreme prejudice.
Just rational prejudice--not the fear-based,
hateful, ignorant, falsely supremacist sort
these goons promote.

Anyone claiming to speak for their 'God'
should meet the same fate. Grab the wood
and's time for showboaters to put
their money where their mouths are.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pick and Choose

Whatever happened to the 'immorality'
of piousness...
and judgementalness...
and ego...
and hypocrisy?

I guess those admonitions got lost
somewhere in the umpteen translations.

Or, more likely...
the reality that religion is all just headgames
and make believe doesn't cover up the idea
of 'spiritual transformation' being malarkey...
and human beings would far rather create
misery for another
than give up their own vices.


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Process

Life is dark and insane and wretched,
with chaos reigning and hardships constant...

so some people have booze and drugs
to help them through the rough patches,
others become absorbed in their work,
some screw their brains out to medicate,
and others eat away their pain.

But some feel the need to impose a
fictional system over the barbs of fluctuation
and meaninglessness.

They subscribe to amazing tales and superstitious
applications of faulty reasoning to concoct a
method and pattern and 'plan' where none exists.

This gives them a sense of comfort, the idea
of making sense of the senseless, and then they
are sated...for a time.

But then others seek to address the reality
of random death and cruel fates and wanton
violence....and that seems to undermine the
pretense of calm that those dedicated to the
fabrication have constructed.

And thus the battle begins.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

There's a big difference between being calmed
by the concept of religion and being made compliant
or complicit by it.

The church teaches demurity and selflessness so
that they can more easily sway folks and get away
with their personal evils. (Saying you're spiritual and
chaste is far different from actually practicing it.)

'Submissiveness' is not a spiritual path, but rather
a means of furthering the hierarchy.

Your humility is for the benefit of the institution,
not the individual.

It's not coincidence that the wealthy, the powerful,
and the male created religion as a means of keeping
radicals, the poor, women, gays, slaves, and others
from questioning the injustice, the hardship, the
inhumanity of conditions in this world.

And some things never change.


Friday, June 21, 2013


We are not obligated

to live by anyone else's

'moral standards'...

we are obligated

merely to survive

(and secondarily, to be

the best person we can be.)


Friday, May 24, 2013

"Altho it's been said, many times, many ways...."

What the Fuckwas this show doing on The History Channel!?!?!

Shoulda been on Sy-Fy at the very least.

Are they sure they don't want to make
some more revisions before they show it again?

Or come up with a new tag line?

"Most fantastically absurd story ever told...
(emphasis on 'told!'")

"The most heavily edited story ever rewritten."

"Featuring swipes from most every religion and
secular source in the known world!"

"You will believe a world religion can dominate
common sense and reality!"

And let's not pretend the 'Devil' looking like
the President was any kind of mix-up or oversight.
Burnett and his wife are part of the same nut ball
Tea-Party hardcore right-wing Republican gang
of conservative thugs that hold to all the abnormal
prefixes of said same; anti-gay, anti-choice, Obama
conspiratists, etc.--Hell, they even promote forced
teaching of The Bible in public schools!

I love how these folks produce a flowery, kind-
hearted epic like this to put a smiley-spin on the
story, and to distract from the fact that the gist
of the actual teachings bears nothing in common
to the strident and demanding sycophants that
dominate these for-profit organizations seeking
to control people and politics.

Given the ratings for this crap fest, I guess
America's still in decline in terms of intellect
and critical thinking. Desperate times produce
desperate actions. Guess that's what the backers
were planning on the whole time.


Friday, May 10, 2013


We don't care about your religious beliefs
because you don't care about the heartbreak
of kids and adults in your congregation who
have suffered and even killed themselves
based on your condemnations, your malicious
counsel, your dismissals, and your hardened hearts.

So clean your own house before you worry
about what's in ours.

And get a tougher skin; if you can't take it,
you sure as hell shouldn't be dishing it out.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Love Moxy!

I LOVE a good, real, bare-bones protest.

A get-in-your-face,
your shit is outrageous so ours has to be also,
offensive-ass and provocative

And these ladies (and Grrrrlz!) take
the cake! This is a protest with TEETH
a la the old ACT UP and Greenpeace stuff.

(Hey, the enemy bares their teeth on us
all the time, but we aren't supposed to
reciprocate? Yeesh--like this even compares
to centuries of abuses and criminal activities of
organized religion or the Catholic church in particular.)

It's impressive in its effectiveness to
get people's attention and get the publicity--and make
a message that will resonate.

We should start taking more cues
of outrageous indoctrination and dissemination
of information from the masters of mental
manipulation, the church folks.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Day, Another Terrorist Threat Bombs

So in an e-mail to the already-indoctrinated amongst
them, professional nut job and terrorist Tony Perkins--
leader of the Hate Group "Family Research Council"--
directly blames the bombing at the Boston Marathon
on this country's 'Sexual Liberalism."


In addition to there being no real difference
in his fascistic crazy diatribe, nor in him and his
group trying to milk people's desperation and
fear for monetary profit, I would say his illogic
abounds to the normal degree as well.

After all, to say that happily engaging in sexual activities
brings about bad things is pretty much as faulty and
disingenuous as one can get...but that fits this fraudulent
group's identity to a "T."

Hey, all you have to do is look at Perkins to see
that a little sex--and the ability to relax and appreciate
it--might cure a LOT of this world's problems...starting
with one dynamically unbound/tightly wound Psycho


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"None so blind as those..."

If the public doesn't want anything to do
with your shrill beliefs, your invasive politics,
your annoying company, your presumptuous
and misguidedly superior attitude, or your
cheesy business BECAUSE you're an uptight,
intolerant, controlling, unrelenting religious
fanatic and asshole*, ...
that's not 'Discrimination,' that's DISCRETION!
* Chances are that if you have to keep defending
yourself against charges such as these, they're true,
and you're the only one who hasn't caught on.
Denial is a helluva drug.


Friday, April 5, 2013

"Validation, please!"

There's a push among religious sorts
(and as, always, the hyper-sensitive
'Christians' in particular) to label the
rest of us as callous and disrespectful
of their views.

Meaning, actually, that we don't play
along with them and pretend that reality
is something different than what it is.
We won't say how beautiful the emperor's
clothes are on his naked body.

That's not disrespect--
it's an intervention...
a reality check.

At some point, we tell children there
is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny (Shit, typically
they decipher it for themselves when they're
old enough to deduce and reason.)

If people think they're fictional
characters, they tend to get heavily
medicated or locked up. If people
propose ludicrous notions, they lose
credibility...yet Christians are given a
special compensation.

And yet we allow grown folks to parade
about in a fog instructing the rest of
us how to live and what's acceptable, to
impose their stricture onto our laws,
and to keep progress from occurring.

Even though they say it's dangerous
to awaken a sleepwalker, I say we have
to stop coddling these people. Delusions
are dangerous, and I'm tired of playing the
game with them.


Friday, March 29, 2013

'Fight Club' Reincarnated!

It's the After-Common-Era Battle for it ALL!

Which fiction will flourish?

Which Myth will Master?

May the most ridiculous fantasy win!

Eggs or crucifixes;
which children's fable will you swallow!?!?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Not Rocket Science (...And Still It's Not Solved)

The only reason we still have
oppression and aversion to Equality
in this country (and around the world)
is that we have a majorly-funded and
deeply-embedded minority of scared
(and frightening) folks who are willing
to believe anything fantastical and
incredulous that they've been told.

And they never stop seeking easy targets
for recruitment and indoctrination.

Yet they remain unwilling to keep their
minds open to scientific proof, common sense,
factual evidence, or the needs of individuals
living 'outside' their thought process.

If you refuse to change, you can't grow.
And these folks cling to their ignorance as
if it were a life raft.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Queer as Hell Tommy Davis Flips What's Left of His Lid

If you're proud of something and have nothing to hide....
wouldn't you talk about it.....when you've chosen to appear on television?


Thursday, March 14, 2013

For All the Good That Did!

Ah, yes...
I remember the song well!
"Jesus loves me,
this I know,
for some heavily-edited
historically-inaccurate document
tells me so, amidst
some very contradictory
thought along those lines
as well.
Also, because I
really really really
need it to be true."
Even if Jesus the Son of man were
unconditionally loving, it's
too bad none of his 'followers' choose to
 adhere to that. Remotely.
Although, I guess since he draws in such
 a contentious bunch of assholes to
call on his name, it's pretty
fortuitous that he's so 'unconditionally'
Ain't love grand!??!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Onward, Christian Sold-yer-souls

Let's all hear it for the grand and powerful Catholic church,
continuing to invade new homes and lands every day (with
great appreciation for the American news media and their
relentless and glowing coverage of Pope-gate.)

Yes, Prepare for the assault of the New Crusades as the
so-called news agencies lick out the dirty assholes of the
Catholic church, the most corrupt and criminal church of all
time (and potentially the one with the highest death count.)

Ahh, the discrepancy between the public promotion and
the private reality!

Nothing says "Success" like secrecy, superficiality, sanctimony,
self-aggrandizement, and denying responsibility for the victims
left in your wake! Power to the Papal! The devil would be so
proud...if he existed, either.


Monday, March 4, 2013

First Do No Harm: The Hypocritical Oath

Why not Poseidon, or Zeus, or Muhammed,
or Underdog, if religious statues in public places are okay?
 At what point did we lose all semblance of rational
thought, and start kow-towing to the fantastical
imaginings of a select minority?

If super-hero fans started getting loud enough
and scary enough, would we then hang up pictures
of Superman and erect statues of Captain America
in public places, just to quiet their pleas?

("Well, it's a nice statue, calms the nerves; it
certainly isn't doing anyone any harm just existing.
We'll just ignore that it's a fictional character.")

The unfunny side of it, the deathly serious side is;
other fictional characters have not been used as a
means of harming human being for centuries, and
they're the ones we'll never see put up.

But the one that worries and hurts and offends;
let's put him everywhere!

Snap to, people; they're all false idols!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Joseph Ratzinger: CRIMINAL FOR LIFE

So 'God' was sometimes (only sometimes?)
asleep at the wheel, eh?
Sounds a whole lot like more
justification and abdication of responsibility to me.

Did 'God' choose for you to
participate in cover-ups, allow
child rape, help you to destroy lives,
and further a human agenda of secrecy and lies?

No, bitch...
I didn't think so.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Slip of the Eye (Not really!)

When I first glanced at this meme, I immediately
read it as "Religion", not "Racism."

Although truly, the two are so intermingled, that seems apt.
And the content makes as
much sense with either word, so...


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adopt or Die; Free Pass Syndrome

So, we're supposed to 'respect' religion,
and as a society, give religion and its followers
the reverent tones that they imagine they deserve.
Cater to them so that they have a world around
them as they imagine it should be.

Even though 'religion' has never respected any
person, any boundary, or any established thought.

Religion, which has never ceded to the needs or
request of another that does not agree.

Sounds an awful lot like
"Shut up and take it!
My needs and wants come before yours!"


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Translating Bullshit

Featuring another episode of "What's the difference
between what a 'Christian says and what they really do?"
sponsored by Sodium Pentothal.

*What "Turn the other cheek" and "Let bygones be
bygones" and "Be the bigger man" really means is;

"Let's have two sets of standards, and all the folks
who are dark and dirty and poor and different and
opposite me (the shrieking, posturing, 'moralistic'
Christian) should go to jail still. And all similar people
in jail already should stay.

And silly white collar crime like tax fraud or reefer
possession or other ridiculous non-victim infractions
are still criminal because they mess with my morals
and sensibilities. There is no reform for them. There
is no leniency for them. There is no compassion for them.


Me and my friends and family who are all the same, 
and regularly excuse our own particular brand of law
stretching and breaking, and have reasons for our actions
which we can justify more easily since we see them mirrored
in one another (and also have this great veil of secrecy
and 'honor' that we all tacitly agree to--and even take
pride in and laugh about,) well, we excuse ourselves via
self-appointed authority and we don't feel the need to be
subjected to arbitrary laws.

For us, full pardons and leniency should be bestowed, because
as self-proclaimed 'people of god' we are superior.

And anything which is perceived as illegal but which assists
the furthering of the church's message (such as paying off
victims of child rape, covering up child rape, ignoring child
rape, failure to prosecute child rapists, embezzlement,
laundering funds, bilking the elderly on false promises,
and so on) shall be considered divine will, and not subject
to any laws.

Rule of law is uneven and unfair and we avoid being
caught by its indifference at every turn, because it's
different for us. We don't agree with the government
and its practices, unless we're suckling privilege and
preferential treatment and evasion of taxes from its teet.

If others aren't smart enough to get away with it like us,
sucks to be them."

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marc Broussard - "Home"

Just a little something different; great music, inspired lyrics, and the fact that
it's being performed at a radio station whose call letters are 'FOG' is just
an added bonus!

Use your mind, and bust through the Fog of Religion, today!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"If you Reallllly Loved Me...."

One of the worst components of Western religion is
the whole 'kit-and-kaboodle' approach.

We already know free thought and the ability to question
ideas and the like are verboten, but the con they sell also
has one major selling point; it's all or nothing, baby.

If left to their own devices, most people would choose to
think about only three things in their deity;
1. A benevolent sky-daddy who loves them,
2. An attentive/interactive god who responds when spoken to,
3. A promise of an afterlife reunion with missed loved ones;
    a happy ending.

But if those three demands were met outright in the
shell game of spiritual selling points, then no one would choose
the Filthy Horribles like endless guilt and worry, fear of a mean
and vengeful deity, self-recrimination, unhealthy restrictions,
and so on.

If the insightful used car salesmen didn't hook you with
beautiful lies, there's be no filled seats for the evocative talks
of Hellfire and brimstone. If "Jesus loves me" were not a readily
touted phrase, no one would be open to the indoctrination of
what must be done to keep Jesus -construct loving them.

"If you want to see Granddaddy in Heaven, then you better stop
(fill-in-the-blank with whatever authoritarian figure is abusing the
young child in question with to meet their own personal needs or

It all gets lumped in, all or nothing, the big package; the bitter
pill wrapped in some peanut butter for a quick ingestion.
The side effects to be discovered later? Moot, once imbibed.

They don't want you to pick and choose, because the promoters
and architects know you won't choose the hard rules they devised. 
Hell, they invented the carrot to help brighten the lack-of-appeal of
their crafted stick.

It's a whole lot of 'Creamy Icing' lovingly set atop a steaming pile
of 'Shit Surprise.'

So, if you want to be one of Jesus' eternal minions, you better get
in line and boycott that JC Penny dyke rep....or "The Lord" will
be most displeased.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Alike Than They Will Ever See


Just like humanity's endless grab for land and power,
the religious-minded seek to exert control over
others' minds, to the end that their concepts reign
supreme. It isn't benevolence, though many certainly
are convinced of their own sanctimonious 'good-
naturedness' and 'connection to ultimate truth and
ultimate knowledge!'

What bigger ego-trip than to belief yourself
smart enough (and blessed enough, and 'good'
enough, etc.) to be tapped in to the universal Answer!

Imagining that if people will simply follow your words
and your path, they can be just as enlightened and
safe and worthy and superior as you are!

It's not the differences in religions that are the focal point,
because ultimately they are all the same;
"I need someone to tell me what to do.
I need someone to tell me what to think.
I need to feel safe and loved in life.
I need to believe my actions mean something.
I need to find strength and purpose.
I need to feel connected to something larger.
I need a sense of community with like-minded people."

Now, in and of itself, none of those statements is
dangerous or particularly unhealthy. Life is
hard and complicated and scary at times.

But the problem is in their inherently insufferable
self-righteousness, convinced not only
that they know best and need to spread their
gospel to others, but that others are thereby
incorrect...and must be stopped!
(See where black-and-white absolutism leads?!)

Behind every smile and every act of 'charity' is an effort to
indoctrinate and turn your mind. Because these people--
every last member of every last type of church in every
last religion on the planet--cannot abide anyone who is different.

They won't stop until they condemn and control
all that is variance from their ultimate vision.
Because the bottom line of all their beliefs is;
"You're doing it wrong! Here, let me show you what's 'Right!"

Be afraid.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Penn and Teller - Boy Scouts

This is pretty self-explanatory; a thorough and firm vivisection of  the
'Christian'-based organization's many failings and frailties, from the brilliant
mind of a former insider. Worth checking out, if you aren't in-the-know.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christianity is Catching On--Like the Plague

Testimony from a real female member:
"I found the man the Lord intended me to have!"

Ooh, girl....that's a shame!
That sound suspiciously like 'The Lord'
needed you to pay a fee to find some
quality dick! That sound like prostitution to me!

You been Jesus-pimped!

Besides, if I were you, I'd be
wary of a husband who already
knows to take pleasure getting on his knees
to please a father figure in dark places!


Big Poppa Pimp

An awesome cartoon from a sweet little
site you can view here!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The REAL 'Pope Crazy-Head'

"I conjure forth the darkest demons in this
land or any other! Come forth!
Bow before me! Heed my bidding!

Oh, wait! They're already here!

I just have to release them out
of my hands!

sigh...It's hell getting old...
you forget just how many demons
are resting within."