Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Onward, Christian Sold-yer-souls

Let's all hear it for the grand and powerful Catholic church,
continuing to invade new homes and lands every day (with
great appreciation for the American news media and their
relentless and glowing coverage of Pope-gate.)

Yes, Prepare for the assault of the New Crusades as the
so-called news agencies lick out the dirty assholes of the
Catholic church, the most corrupt and criminal church of all
time (and potentially the one with the highest death count.)

Ahh, the discrepancy between the public promotion and
the private reality!

Nothing says "Success" like secrecy, superficiality, sanctimony,
self-aggrandizement, and denying responsibility for the victims
left in your wake! Power to the Papal! The devil would be so
proud...if he existed, either.


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