Saturday, December 22, 2012

What if 'holy water' were replaced with truth serum?

"I AM empowered by the mighty
and moral significance of
authority granted me by the
hand of....

Bwah-ha-ha, silly bitches!

(And trust me--you don't want to know
where these hands are the rest
of the time!)

Tremble, bow, and weep before the
average, idiotic, flawed nature of
my base humanity and hatefulness!"



Precision and succinctness are beautiful.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

"Kill the Gays"--More homegrown Hate from 'Jesus-Lovers'

Since the nut ball elite of America's religious institutions
can't get away with the level of extremism they would like
here (where there is still some sense of justice left,) they've
been quite content to export their hate and disturbed,
criminal thinking to other countries.

(Yes, that's right; the fanatical evangelicals actually wish
they could do more than they are already guilty of in
persecuting and harming certain among us. Hard to believe.)

Under fire? Their recent ongoing involvement (since 2009) with
a controversial and insane measure to further criminalize sodomy
(and even suspected homosexuals) in Uganda, putting to death or
jailing for life any 'violators.' (American evangelicals have supported
and even instigated this anti-homosexual bill.)

All the top squirrels in the nuthouse, Tony Perkins, NOM leader   
Brian S. Brown, author of 'Purpose-Driven Life' Rick Warren, and
others are all hot and heavy and horny for the Ugandan "Kill the
Gays" legislation.
Money, support, visits to work the crowds into a frenzy, rallying
the natives to recognize homosexuals as a threat to their society
and children...all of this and more in an effort to win folks for the
'cause' as the anti-gay demonization continues.

Not only is there nothing spiritual about these practices, but you
would think they should violate international laws and treaties for
the influence of legislation in another country, or that there would
be restrictions on churches blatantly attempting to bring about the
murder of innocents through funding and encouragement.

Smells like terrorism to me.

Of course several of the dickheads here in the states have
been showing their need to be institutionalized for some time.
Calling for gays to be put on an island, calling for homosexuals
to be deported, condemning people to kill their own children
if they seem gay, blaming gays and lesbians for natural disasters,
and pretty much any ridiculous and spurious crazy thought
you can imagine--and many you can't--have come out of the
mouths of pastors and televangelists and religious right-wingers.

(And just now, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson
has stated that he believes the school shooting on Friday was
a direct result of the godlessness in our culture, brought on by
abortion and gay marriage, specifically. This isn't just stupidity,
it's dangerous rhetoric designed to create a rift and hatred.)

Yes, the majority of the culture are rational and can see
what idiocy it is.

The problem is that the needy, easily-influenced, sheepish
ignoramuses that make up congregations and listening
audience are open to such suggestion (just like their ilk
who listen adamantly to talk radio.)

It seems these folks won't be satisfied until they have implemented
their hate bias into the hearts and minds (and policies) of every corner
of the planet.

"Kill the Gays" history

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well THAT Makes Sense!

So, lemme get this straight:

Hardcore evangelical goofball Republican
'Christians' assert that there's a sky-daddy who looks
after them especially, answers their prayers, speaks
directly to them in their head, is invisible, and guides
them/serves as excuse for whatever crazy shit they
feel like perpetrating.


They refuse to even acknowledge the
existence of the scientifically-proven
Greenhouse Effect that is ravaging the world
with record-high temps, worsening catastrophic
events, melting glaciers, and a host of other actual,
provable data-supported incidences? (In fact,
often countering that these weather events
are the results of groups they wish to demonize,
as explained by their magical mystery Lordy-Gawd.)

Let me know how that works out for ya,
when you die from a sudden snowstorm,
and don't wind up in Heaven.