Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"If you Reallllly Loved Me...."

One of the worst components of Western religion is
the whole 'kit-and-kaboodle' approach.

We already know free thought and the ability to question
ideas and the like are verboten, but the con they sell also
has one major selling point; it's all or nothing, baby.

If left to their own devices, most people would choose to
think about only three things in their deity;
1. A benevolent sky-daddy who loves them,
2. An attentive/interactive god who responds when spoken to,
3. A promise of an afterlife reunion with missed loved ones;
    a happy ending.

But if those three demands were met outright in the
shell game of spiritual selling points, then no one would choose
the Filthy Horribles like endless guilt and worry, fear of a mean
and vengeful deity, self-recrimination, unhealthy restrictions,
and so on.

If the insightful used car salesmen didn't hook you with
beautiful lies, there's be no filled seats for the evocative talks
of Hellfire and brimstone. If "Jesus loves me" were not a readily
touted phrase, no one would be open to the indoctrination of
what must be done to keep Jesus -construct loving them.

"If you want to see Granddaddy in Heaven, then you better stop
(fill-in-the-blank with whatever authoritarian figure is abusing the
young child in question with to meet their own personal needs or

It all gets lumped in, all or nothing, the big package; the bitter
pill wrapped in some peanut butter for a quick ingestion.
The side effects to be discovered later? Moot, once imbibed.

They don't want you to pick and choose, because the promoters
and architects know you won't choose the hard rules they devised. 
Hell, they invented the carrot to help brighten the lack-of-appeal of
their crafted stick.

It's a whole lot of 'Creamy Icing' lovingly set atop a steaming pile
of 'Shit Surprise.'

So, if you want to be one of Jesus' eternal minions, you better get
in line and boycott that JC Penny dyke rep....or "The Lord" will
be most displeased.


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