Monday, March 4, 2013

First Do No Harm: The Hypocritical Oath

Why not Poseidon, or Zeus, or Muhammed,
or Underdog, if religious statues in public places are okay?
 At what point did we lose all semblance of rational
thought, and start kow-towing to the fantastical
imaginings of a select minority?

If super-hero fans started getting loud enough
and scary enough, would we then hang up pictures
of Superman and erect statues of Captain America
in public places, just to quiet their pleas?

("Well, it's a nice statue, calms the nerves; it
certainly isn't doing anyone any harm just existing.
We'll just ignore that it's a fictional character.")

The unfunny side of it, the deathly serious side is;
other fictional characters have not been used as a
means of harming human being for centuries, and
they're the ones we'll never see put up.

But the one that worries and hurts and offends;
let's put him everywhere!

Snap to, people; they're all false idols!

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