Monday, July 22, 2013

The Process

Life is dark and insane and wretched,
with chaos reigning and hardships constant...

so some people have booze and drugs
to help them through the rough patches,
others become absorbed in their work,
some screw their brains out to medicate,
and others eat away their pain.

But some feel the need to impose a
fictional system over the barbs of fluctuation
and meaninglessness.

They subscribe to amazing tales and superstitious
applications of faulty reasoning to concoct a
method and pattern and 'plan' where none exists.

This gives them a sense of comfort, the idea
of making sense of the senseless, and then they
are sated...for a time.

But then others seek to address the reality
of random death and cruel fates and wanton
violence....and that seems to undermine the
pretense of calm that those dedicated to the
fabrication have constructed.

And thus the battle begins.


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