Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Alike Than They Will Ever See


Just like humanity's endless grab for land and power,
the religious-minded seek to exert control over
others' minds, to the end that their concepts reign
supreme. It isn't benevolence, though many certainly
are convinced of their own sanctimonious 'good-
naturedness' and 'connection to ultimate truth and
ultimate knowledge!'

What bigger ego-trip than to belief yourself
smart enough (and blessed enough, and 'good'
enough, etc.) to be tapped in to the universal Answer!

Imagining that if people will simply follow your words
and your path, they can be just as enlightened and
safe and worthy and superior as you are!

It's not the differences in religions that are the focal point,
because ultimately they are all the same;
"I need someone to tell me what to do.
I need someone to tell me what to think.
I need to feel safe and loved in life.
I need to believe my actions mean something.
I need to find strength and purpose.
I need to feel connected to something larger.
I need a sense of community with like-minded people."

Now, in and of itself, none of those statements is
dangerous or particularly unhealthy. Life is
hard and complicated and scary at times.

But the problem is in their inherently insufferable
self-righteousness, convinced not only
that they know best and need to spread their
gospel to others, but that others are thereby
incorrect...and must be stopped!
(See where black-and-white absolutism leads?!)

Behind every smile and every act of 'charity' is an effort to
indoctrinate and turn your mind. Because these people--
every last member of every last type of church in every
last religion on the planet--cannot abide anyone who is different.

They won't stop until they condemn and control
all that is variance from their ultimate vision.
Because the bottom line of all their beliefs is;
"You're doing it wrong! Here, let me show you what's 'Right!"

Be afraid.


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