Monday, March 19, 2012

Belief and Reality


I notice the majority of folks categorize atheists by
using the joke that "God doesn't believe in atheists,
and therefore atheists don't exist."


Problem being, it's a fundamental oversight of
the science of how things work.

Atheists (typically) discover there is no proof
of a god, and then determine that he/it
does not, therefore, exist.
The existence isn't put into question by
the lack of belief. The fact predates the belief.

But the converse is true for 'believers';
religious sorts do in fact 'make
god real' (at least for their own
purposes) by virtue of simply believing
it to be. The belief predates the 'fact.'

And woe to any who would point out
that belief is not the same as reality.


Thursday, March 15, 2012


(Gotta use this one again!)

I'm sitting at the public library, which is, of course,
rife with its own risks and exposures.

Upon viewing my page (nosey bitch!), the women
who sat next to me starts in with the "THANK YOU,
JESUS!" running commentary to herself.

Now, her stupidity is her concern,
but given the dire outcome of most religious zealots,
I take shit like this as terroristic act....
as a pissing contest wherein territory is marked
and intentions are claimed.
She and her husband (accompanying her)
could have been loony anti-gay killers.

So after the third or fourth Hallelujah chorus,
I asked just how much help she needed with
her computer. Which of course prompted her
frazzled, privileged "How dare he?" look of
confusion, and a new round of even louder and
more constant 'praising' and calling on the "most
powerful god."

Egad. Is it 2012 or not?
What is wrong with people?

I probably should have avoided conflict, but
this sense of self-importance that floods these
dipsticks annoys the heaven out of me.
I do not need to know what you think.
It is offensive.
If I went around shouting "Praise Vagina"
or "I call upon the power of hairy balls," it
would not be allowed.

It really isn't any different.
Keep it. To. Yourself.


A Child and Their Ideas, None-too-Soon Parted

I had a child (teenager) who wanted to shriek and rail
against me recently because I believe as I do.
(Again, merely existing is considered 'attack'
against the ridiculous mythology of religion.)

When I didn't change my story or apologize
because she was upset, she screeched at me
"Well, everyone has their opinions."

That's somewhat true. But children don't.

An opinion--or at least, the only kind that matter
or count...informed ones-- are gained in one way.
Research, introspection, investigation, comparison,
survey, education, experience, and then, after
thoughtful consideration, an opinion.

Children just regurgitate what's been taught them
by those they wish to impress.
They know no better. They likely don't even know
there's an alternative to what they were taught.

They certainly don't know that they have a choice in the matter.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

There is No Battle

(Atheist response to erroneous yet popular online anti-atheist rhetoric)

Proponents of religion seek to 'discredit' atheism
by lying about
the essence and intention of the 'belief'
and those who hold it.

No such counter-measures are necessary, since
religion provides ammunition enough to discredit itself.

My question is;
If you believe in an omnipotent, omniscient,
prayer-answering, personally available,
looking-over-your-shoulder Sky Daddy....
why do you need to argue your points?
Or force them into legislation?

And who appointed you the defender
of the realm? You'd think a tyrannical
and magical warlord could
govern things for himself.



Saturday, March 10, 2012

"You Got to Keep it Separated"

Pretty self-explanatory,
but it bears repeating endlessly.

The love affair with this country and
religion is a sick one, and the need
for these folks to spread their sickness
around so freely is the equivalent of
not covering your mouth while

I don't have it,
and I don't want it.
Yes, keep it to yourself.

Why is it acceptable to promote
and accept and revere these fictional gods,
but my aversion to them/him
is considered anti-social
and unsavory?

Let's flip this mother.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

That Shit Never Gets Old

Pat Robertson, ye old speaker on all things
ridiculous and moronic, has once again decreed
his total embrace of idiocy.

After the deadly tornadoes this week,
he declared on his money-maker TV show
that if enough people prayed for the
stop of the tornadoes, baby fictional
Jesus would have surely stopped them.

This is only the latest remarkably unreasoning,
oblivious statement from the inventor of ideas
like "gays and abortionists caused 9-11"
or other such nonsense.

He also went on to state that 'god' wasn't
to blame, and similar to his Hurricane
Katrina diatribe, blamed the poor people
who built or bought houses where a
tornado was likely to land.

In addition to the stupidity, the recklessness,
the heartlessness of these comments, the
real danger is that susceptible people will believe
this joke because they are desperate to believe
in something and because he is being broadcast on TV.

Trust me, if prayer worked, this Bozo would have
keeled over decades ago.

Guess there's no such thing as karma, either.


Monday, March 5, 2012


free thought--
is not a crime,
even if you are
treated like a criminal
for expressing or
indulging in it.

Know the difference.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Much ado about nothing

religion is not merely
a 'bastardized
form of god'.....

'god' is a construct of religion...

(a ridiculous, self-serving
source of its own
answers and support)



Asking questions
is the sign of a keen,
strong, clear mind.

The smartest people
know how little we know.

Blind faith
is a dead end street,
divorced from reality.


Crying Wolf: Deflection as Sport

To attack religion and its use is not to abjectly
attack all people who wield it. Some are simply
hapless, trusting sorts who need a leg up in this
world of challenge and trickiness.

That does not change the unbelievable nature
of the crutch--promoting that the user is lame.

Many have asked me, defensive and hurt, why
I would choose to 'attack' something (religion,
belief in 'god,') that has 'brought so many joy!'

This presupposes that it's joy which has been
brought, as opposed to compliance and repression
(The slave is always taught to revere its master.)

It also fails to address the turnaround, the oft-over-
looked legitimate and incisive query regarding
religion's true nature;
Don't all the 'well-meaning'  followers of religion feel
bad about all the innocent lives they have harmed
through promotion of false belief, wasted time,
suppressed spirits, guilt, shame, judgment, reduced
quality of life, exclusions, self-hate, excommunications,
violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, and so much more?

Avoidable, unnecessary horrors that they, by default,
and their religion, by extension, have caused?

Take your own inventory.

The predator often smiles and bears charity.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Fear of Unification

The concept of "one" people on earth is
demonized by most every religion; the
only means of achieving unity for them is
by being inculcated with their thoughts
(and joining won't transpire until after
this world.)

But oneness is not about conformity or
conglomeration. It is the reducing of all
unreal barriers of the mind, such as race,
skin color, creed, orientation, etc.

It is a dispersement of all the hate
accumulated and manifested by
tribal mentality; the forced notions
of separateness that have plagued all
peoples for so long.