Friday, April 5, 2013

"Validation, please!"

There's a push among religious sorts
(and as, always, the hyper-sensitive
'Christians' in particular) to label the
rest of us as callous and disrespectful
of their views.

Meaning, actually, that we don't play
along with them and pretend that reality
is something different than what it is.
We won't say how beautiful the emperor's
clothes are on his naked body.

That's not disrespect--
it's an intervention...
a reality check.

At some point, we tell children there
is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny (Shit, typically
they decipher it for themselves when they're
old enough to deduce and reason.)

If people think they're fictional
characters, they tend to get heavily
medicated or locked up. If people
propose ludicrous notions, they lose
credibility...yet Christians are given a
special compensation.

And yet we allow grown folks to parade
about in a fog instructing the rest of
us how to live and what's acceptable, to
impose their stricture onto our laws,
and to keep progress from occurring.

Even though they say it's dangerous
to awaken a sleepwalker, I say we have
to stop coddling these people. Delusions
are dangerous, and I'm tired of playing the
game with them.


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