Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Love Moxy!

I LOVE a good, real, bare-bones protest.

A get-in-your-face,
your shit is outrageous so ours has to be also,
offensive-ass and provocative

And these ladies (and Grrrrlz!) take
the cake! This is a protest with TEETH
a la the old ACT UP and Greenpeace stuff.

(Hey, the enemy bares their teeth on us
all the time, but we aren't supposed to
reciprocate? Yeesh--like this even compares
to centuries of abuses and criminal activities of
organized religion or the Catholic church in particular.)

It's impressive in its effectiveness to
get people's attention and get the publicity--and make
a message that will resonate.

We should start taking more cues
of outrageous indoctrination and dissemination
of information from the masters of mental
manipulation, the church folks.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Day, Another Terrorist Threat Bombs

So in an e-mail to the already-indoctrinated amongst
them, professional nut job and terrorist Tony Perkins--
leader of the Hate Group "Family Research Council"--
directly blames the bombing at the Boston Marathon
on this country's 'Sexual Liberalism."


In addition to there being no real difference
in his fascistic crazy diatribe, nor in him and his
group trying to milk people's desperation and
fear for monetary profit, I would say his illogic
abounds to the normal degree as well.

After all, to say that happily engaging in sexual activities
brings about bad things is pretty much as faulty and
disingenuous as one can get...but that fits this fraudulent
group's identity to a "T."

Hey, all you have to do is look at Perkins to see
that a little sex--and the ability to relax and appreciate
it--might cure a LOT of this world's problems...starting
with one dynamically unbound/tightly wound Psycho


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"None so blind as those..."

If the public doesn't want anything to do
with your shrill beliefs, your invasive politics,
your annoying company, your presumptuous
and misguidedly superior attitude, or your
cheesy business BECAUSE you're an uptight,
intolerant, controlling, unrelenting religious
fanatic and asshole*, ...
that's not 'Discrimination,' that's DISCRETION!
* Chances are that if you have to keep defending
yourself against charges such as these, they're true,
and you're the only one who hasn't caught on.
Denial is a helluva drug.


Friday, April 5, 2013

"Validation, please!"

There's a push among religious sorts
(and as, always, the hyper-sensitive
'Christians' in particular) to label the
rest of us as callous and disrespectful
of their views.

Meaning, actually, that we don't play
along with them and pretend that reality
is something different than what it is.
We won't say how beautiful the emperor's
clothes are on his naked body.

That's not disrespect--
it's an intervention...
a reality check.

At some point, we tell children there
is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny (Shit, typically
they decipher it for themselves when they're
old enough to deduce and reason.)

If people think they're fictional
characters, they tend to get heavily
medicated or locked up. If people
propose ludicrous notions, they lose
credibility...yet Christians are given a
special compensation.

And yet we allow grown folks to parade
about in a fog instructing the rest of
us how to live and what's acceptable, to
impose their stricture onto our laws,
and to keep progress from occurring.

Even though they say it's dangerous
to awaken a sleepwalker, I say we have
to stop coddling these people. Delusions
are dangerous, and I'm tired of playing the
game with them.