Saturday, December 22, 2012

What if 'holy water' were replaced with truth serum?

"I AM empowered by the mighty
and moral significance of
authority granted me by the
hand of....

Bwah-ha-ha, silly bitches!

(And trust me--you don't want to know
where these hands are the rest
of the time!)

Tremble, bow, and weep before the
average, idiotic, flawed nature of
my base humanity and hatefulness!"



Precision and succinctness are beautiful.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

"Kill the Gays"--More homegrown Hate from 'Jesus-Lovers'

Since the nut ball elite of America's religious institutions
can't get away with the level of extremism they would like
here (where there is still some sense of justice left,) they've
been quite content to export their hate and disturbed,
criminal thinking to other countries.

(Yes, that's right; the fanatical evangelicals actually wish
they could do more than they are already guilty of in
persecuting and harming certain among us. Hard to believe.)

Under fire? Their recent ongoing involvement (since 2009) with
a controversial and insane measure to further criminalize sodomy
(and even suspected homosexuals) in Uganda, putting to death or
jailing for life any 'violators.' (American evangelicals have supported
and even instigated this anti-homosexual bill.)

All the top squirrels in the nuthouse, Tony Perkins, NOM leader   
Brian S. Brown, author of 'Purpose-Driven Life' Rick Warren, and
others are all hot and heavy and horny for the Ugandan "Kill the
Gays" legislation.
Money, support, visits to work the crowds into a frenzy, rallying
the natives to recognize homosexuals as a threat to their society
and children...all of this and more in an effort to win folks for the
'cause' as the anti-gay demonization continues.

Not only is there nothing spiritual about these practices, but you
would think they should violate international laws and treaties for
the influence of legislation in another country, or that there would
be restrictions on churches blatantly attempting to bring about the
murder of innocents through funding and encouragement.

Smells like terrorism to me.

Of course several of the dickheads here in the states have
been showing their need to be institutionalized for some time.
Calling for gays to be put on an island, calling for homosexuals
to be deported, condemning people to kill their own children
if they seem gay, blaming gays and lesbians for natural disasters,
and pretty much any ridiculous and spurious crazy thought
you can imagine--and many you can't--have come out of the
mouths of pastors and televangelists and religious right-wingers.

(And just now, Focus on the Family founder James Dobson
has stated that he believes the school shooting on Friday was
a direct result of the godlessness in our culture, brought on by
abortion and gay marriage, specifically. This isn't just stupidity,
it's dangerous rhetoric designed to create a rift and hatred.)

Yes, the majority of the culture are rational and can see
what idiocy it is.

The problem is that the needy, easily-influenced, sheepish
ignoramuses that make up congregations and listening
audience are open to such suggestion (just like their ilk
who listen adamantly to talk radio.)

It seems these folks won't be satisfied until they have implemented
their hate bias into the hearts and minds (and policies) of every corner
of the planet.

"Kill the Gays" history

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well THAT Makes Sense!

So, lemme get this straight:

Hardcore evangelical goofball Republican
'Christians' assert that there's a sky-daddy who looks
after them especially, answers their prayers, speaks
directly to them in their head, is invisible, and guides
them/serves as excuse for whatever crazy shit they
feel like perpetrating.


They refuse to even acknowledge the
existence of the scientifically-proven
Greenhouse Effect that is ravaging the world
with record-high temps, worsening catastrophic
events, melting glaciers, and a host of other actual,
provable data-supported incidences? (In fact,
often countering that these weather events
are the results of groups they wish to demonize,
as explained by their magical mystery Lordy-Gawd.)

Let me know how that works out for ya,
when you die from a sudden snowstorm,
and don't wind up in Heaven.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kacey Musgraves - "Merry Go 'Round"

I really love this song for one simple fact; despite it's pop root,
it has a very dark and real vibe. It's positively revelatory.

It perfectly captures the dark side of small town life; suffocating the
best parts of individuals and free thought with outdated notions, hollow
half-lives, conformity, collectivism, falsehoods, duplicity, and all the
cultish foolishness of this modern world's crutches and clutches.

"You can have all the pretense of love and affection in the
long as you give up yourself and adhere to these demands!"


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Storm Warning: Hurricane Crazy

We still have a long road ahead in this country,
as the fanatics and conservatives are hardened
in their resolve to oppose education, advancement,
equality, rational thought, progression, or even
consideration of any view other than their own.

Tuesday was a good start, but these people
are not going away, and now they're doubly pissed.
(They weren't stable when they were in charge!)

If you know how to think for yourself,
you better watch your back.


Saturday, October 27, 2012


Just thinking about the Republican party,
and the stranglehold of crazy that conservative
evangelical Christians have on them now.

Nope, all the righteous indignation in the
world won't stop your dissembled argument
 from being amoral
and insane.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Get Hooked on Reality!

give a man a fish
and feed him for a day

teach a man to fish
and feed him for a lifetime

teach a man religion
and he'll starve while
praying for fish


Saturday, October 6, 2012


Unlike every other con artist and bilker
of the poor, the old, the needy, and the
scared on the planet, these guys not only
aren't on watch lists for fraud and corruption,
they seem to be getting a free pass on the harm
they cause!

I guess the path of all criminals is clear;
wrap yourself in the cloak of religion,
and you too can rape, ravage, and pillage
your way to the top!

Yay, modern times!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Gospel According to Rednecks

"Sho'nuff I was made in Baby Jay-Zuss' image.
He ugly as sin, crazy, and stupid-as-hell, too!"
(Excerpts from the Redneck Bible translation)
"I can whore around and be a drunken slob,
and still be holier-than-thou about anyone else's
shortcomings. Don't you know a 'double standard'
is twice as good?" - Randy-Bob Bluballz

"I'd rather put on airs and put on a fancy dress
for church than put on a compassionate face. I
need my daily dose of gossip no matter how many
people it hurts or how many lives it destroys."
   - Fancy Nancy Sweets

"It's my job to destroy homosexuals and whores
and keep the nation pure from their deviancy. I just
need my computer sites blocked and the magazines
hidden under my bed to help me stay focused on my
godly work." - Clevus Dipshit

"God loves the world, and especially me and all my
friends and neighbors. But I'm lost as to why God
has saddled us with the burden of the Blacks, the
Mexicans, the Jews, and the Indians that are taking
over my precious town."  - Scary Larry Bred-In

"Whitey, please! Hey, y'all...he trying to drown my ass!"
"I'm worried about what everybody else in town
is doing wrong, and I sing for Jesus and the Lord every
week in church. I'm also the deacon. I know my daughter
didn't mind what we did together, but I sure don't want
anyone else to find out about it." - Buford Leroy Asslickre

"I talk about God and church and family and morals
and values and 'being a good Christian' all day and night.
But I cuss that bitch wife of mine out in a heartbeat
'cause she needs to get straightened out. Once in a while,
she needs a slap, too. I pray God gets her head right
eventually."  - Trolly Dikhedd

"I know the Lord is with me as I keep me and mine safe
from the evils of this world. I got enough ammunition,
weapons, and stores with me to last long enough to do
some real damage. Anybody looks at me wrong or has a
bad word for my family, I'll show them the wrath of the
Lord!" - Roscoe Fanatica



Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't Twist It

It's not just a suggestion.

And obliterating the line isn't
a legitimate goal for fanatics, no
matter how devoted they are to it.

Help keep the world from
becoming as fucked up as the addle-brained
would like it to be;


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh..Forgot about that little tidbit.

Another grand rationale for utilizing the Bible
as a source for modern morality.

'nuff said.

Good for those that funded this, and
daring to make a difference!


The New Southern Shackles

In the South, if you are not part of the iconic, invasive,
Bible-breathing hive-unit, married to the idea of proselytizing
and spitting out scripture, alternately condemning and kissing ass,
you are essentially marked by the 'sign of the beast.'

It's like being behind enemy lines in a despicable military
war, where you have to watch how heavily you breathe, and
only move at night, lest you be spotted and ended, mercilessly.

You don't know which of your friends and neighbors--
or even family members--are a part of the resistance,
and all hope seems lost. One wrong move can ruin
your standing and separate you from your protection,
your favor, your resources.
The stakes are high, you can trust no one, and there's
only a tightly-clenched-teeth facade of normal living
while just under the surface persists danger, bile, hate,
and seething.

The religious nut is a dire sort, all pretense and posturing,
never truly living (for fear of sex and independence taking
over, or, more importantly, being observed.) Yet they are
duly entrenched in the midst of others' lives, self-important
savers of men, meddling in matters large and small, without

The churches rule with a seemingly-subtle iron hand, engaging
in lies, child abuse, gossip, intimidation, and all manner of false
representations in order to maintain their grip.

These lies are so thoroughly, fearfully, inextricably mixed within
the DNA along with their compatriots obedience, shame,
self-consciousness, repression, blind adherence to militarism,
wife-beating, consumerism, poor-eating habits, isolation, myopia,
xenophobia, and so on.

To find freedom within is an individual achievement which
has to be embraced and highlighted, even if occasionally
hidden away.  The idea of extracting the region from their
psychotic addiction to cults is a pipe dream. The hold is too
great, the history too long held, the extremism too widespread.

There are invisible shackles, and the cacophony of voices
decrying their existence doesn't lessen their impact in
the least. The insidiousness is the public pretense
that they do not exist, while people lay burdened with
their weight on a daily basis.

Florida Storm Warning

As a Florida cracker, I stay on top
of what's going on in my home state,
and this upcoming election has a
second important component for Floridians.

For more information on the misrepresented
Amendment 8 and its attempt to further
eliminate the separation between church and state,
go to:


Friday, September 7, 2012

Separation of Church and State Watch: Pat Robertson

I simply can't recall the last time I sensed such
dignity, righteousness, and sincerity in the form of one man!
(Yeah, right!)

Pat Robertson and his ilk-- the out-of-touch,
old-school Bible-thumping nut job preachers,
heading up their billion dollar Industry (posing
as religion, education, and salvation)--would be
completely irrelevant and laughable
if not for one small problem;

People are still moved to action and influenced
by his insane commentary all the time.

Right now, on CBN programs, they are
losing their shit trying to commit American minds
to the concept that Obama is this demon-possessed,
traitorous, Anti-Christ figure who means to drag us all
into the depths of ruin, and, if we all LOVVVVVE Jesus, we
better go and vote against him in November.
And donate money. Don't forget to donate money.

Quick aside; if these freaks and fanatics believe
that the end times are inevitable, and in fact meant
to occur, as a lead-in to their 'maker' doing a come-back tour....
then whyyyyy exactly (???) are they so opposed to the
man they see as the downfall of western Civilization?

(And to be fair, we really don't need much of a kick-start
to reach a complete downfall; our societal meltdown
has been in free fall for decades. Our reign is, thankfully,
nearly over!)

But whether it's blaming tornadoes and hurricanes on
the homosexuals (again!) or bilking little old poor
people out of their life savings, bashing on the liberal
black guy running the country or fighting to keep
children abused and indoctrinated, these schleps are
busy as Hell. (Rightfully so, since they flew straight
out of Satan's ass, surely.)

I wonder, when me and my fellow homos have time
to even 'commit sin' on a personal level, what with us
busy destroying New Orleans (twice,) causing planes
to fly into the Twin Towers, realizing the destruction
of the traditional family, and, of course, shoving our
agenda down America's throat in the Network Fall lineup!

(Yes, it sounds insane to a thinking person;
the problem is that Robertson is a terrorist who
takes advantage of the ignorance of his flock,
who believve him to be genuine... and a conduit
to this mystical law-giver in the sky.)

Keep up to date on the less-than-jovial horseshit
of these nutters at a great website, below:

Right Wing Watch


Friday, August 10, 2012

Julia Sweeney - "Letting Go of God"

Julia's a great storyteller and has a very relaxed and easy style of speaking
with people. I find that the relaxed nature of her talks matched with her humor
are a great way to reach folks who are curious and/or struggling with the
idea of questioning religion's stranglehold.

Also, the fact that she comes from a religious background and had much
to address in her journey makes her more relatable than someone who simply
"doesn't believe."

Even though, as most know, no one makes a better atheist or antitheist than
one who was raised in faith!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Those Overlooked Passages

Hey... awesome; we found
the one person who actually gets the
important part of the tome...the
one no one else reads or believes
or follows!

Run quick, buddy...
there are some fundies
who're hunting you just as
readily as they hunt me!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Suffer the Children, Part Two

The depravity of this pervasive abuse of children, under pretense of
'caring so much about their souls and wanting to actually help them'
is terrifying. Fanaticism and dogmatic devotion are at an all-time high
in America in particular, and just like Neo-Nazis, these hate and
mind-control cults are growing and becoming more entrenched in their

Religious Extremism as the New Norm

The fact that these groups are tolerated and even sanctioned by
rational, thinking people is even more indefensible. These religious
cults are allowed free reign because of predominance and adamance
and habit; no one thinks to question, especially since many  adults
who are 'non-believers' had unpleasant experiences of their own
as children. That inability to question or go against church workings
is still present.

The Southern Poverty Law Center looks at Hate and ExtremismChildren are taught to memorize quotes and paraded about, parroting
them to acclaim and praise, not even capable of understanding the
meaning of what they are saying and doing. Good little soldiers,
obedient slaves, mindless drones; these are the prizes of fanatics.

Children have 'God'--the now scary and displeased and vengeful
wrathful brute--used as a club with which to bash out any action or
behavior that displeases the parent/care-taker/church adults....actions
that are generally normal childhood behavior demonized by crazy
church goers; speaking, moving, playing, being silly, getting dirty,
getting loud, being impatient, etc.

They are taught that disobeying an adult, merely being childlike--or
in the case of many Southern churches, being 'gender-inappropriate'--is the
same as going against God/Bible/church. That's way too heavy a burden
for a compliant, submissive child. It destroys psyches.

They know, too, that going against the adults will lead to being
dismissed, having love withheld, punishment, and--oh yeah--eternal
damnation. ("Praise be to myths and indoctrination!")

It's never a real shock to see how pastors' kids and other children
of highly-active church-goers become dangerous, high-risk livers,
drugging and drinking and sexing quite often. Or, the other effect,
becoming duplicitous, dichotomous people who feign their parents
interests and then have a double-live in private, in order to survive.
Neither outcome is desirable, but it beats those that have their
personality and emotions eradicated, forever living as a ghostly
shell at the whim of doctrine and dogma and fear....afraid to lose
the connection they were promised (if only they did what they were told.)

Institutionalized child abuse.

Generations...multitudes...of pople afraid of their own bodies, their
own minds, their sexuality, their voice. Afraid to live, love, dance,
feel...thinking they are always being supernaturally spied upon.
Drinking, drugging, committing suicide to escape the damage done to
them by those they trusted (or simply couldn't fight back against.)

One Church's Survivors Speak Out
Even their desires and feelings are subject to recrimination at the
whim of the superstitious infections that were grafted onto their minds.

-The church is rich and powerful; Check.
-All kinds of political and community leaders involved: Check.
-Children have always been expendable in this society,--no one
    cares: Check.
-You have to keep cultivating obsessed members for the church
    teachings to continue; Check.

That's quite a racket they have here.


Resources for Recovering:

Some Books on Surviving Religious Cults

Living After Faith

Recovering From Religion

Recovery from Ex-Gay Movement & Religious Schools


    "Eighty percent of adult children of pastors surveyed
have had to seek professional help for depression."
                                           -courtesy Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Suffer the Children, Part One

The religious target children with mind control and terrorist practices;
Coercion, threats, fear tactics, physical disciplining and abuse.
Inciting god's wrath to intimidate.

But not at first.

They gloss over the extremism and ugliness of their doctrine and dogma
with seductive measures, designed to lure impressionable, vulnerable
kids in. Insidiously engaging them with treats, games, songs, and lots
of hugs (from members of questionable sanity and intent,) the 'well-meaning'
adults (uh-oh! Even the sinners know where that path leads!) entice the kids
with the pretense of fun and love and belonging.

Then, WHAM! Right between the eyes.

Hmmmn. Surreptitiousness, deceit, lies, duplicity; all the things that
go into making a world class religion.

Out of nowhere, a child's limited world is rocked with:

"Only people who love Jesus get to Heaven...and..."
A) "You don't want to miss out on all the fun in Heaven like we're having here, do you?"
B) "You don't want to be kept away from Mommy/Daddy/Granny/Sissy, etc. if you don't
  do what Jesus wants, do you?"
(This wouldn't have worked on me! If I'd believed in heaven and thought my parents had
  a chance of showing up there, I'd have been damned determined to be elsewhere!)
C) "You don't want to upset Pastor Cock Snatch, do you?"
D) "You don't want to hurt Baby Jesus, after he died and was beaten for you, do you?"
E) "You don't want to burn in the pits of hell forever do you?"

I know what you're thinking--Subtle, right?

Many probably think this is an extremist's take on what goes on. In fact, it's
mild compared to the level and veracity of indoctrination that many children
suffer every day, constantly, in churches around the world, until they are
completely stomped into fearful submission.

And for the child that is the offspring of extremists, for whom every second of
every day is an extremist event whilst preparing for the end of the world, this
tragedy is only furthered. Fanaticism is on the rise. Home-schooling is on the rise.

And every time a child misses the opportunity to socialize in a normal environment
with normal children, their indoctrination deepens (which is precisely why home-
schooling exists to begin with.)(to be continued...)

And that's the point. Children are the easiest converts because they are
so gullible, so vulnerable, so needy, and so emotionally compromised. They
are impressionable and open to anything, as yet fully-developed in their ideas.
They don't yet have a protective system in place, a bullshit filter, an ability to
combat abuse from a group of people that each outweigh them by 3 x and have
absolute control over their lives.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sucks To Be You...If You're Anything Like Rebel Jesus

So many who stand idly by claiming (or allowing others
to claim for them) allegiance to a particular form of
organized religion are actually not practicing members.
Hell, they aren't even believers.

They simply go through the motions of feigning involvement,
or keeping involvement as superficial as possible, spitting
back the appropriate number of affirmative remarks,
making a convincing number of head bobs in mock agreement.
Enthusiasm on cue.

Because they know how the True Believers and head cases
are with abusiveness (and casting out from the inner circle)
anyone who is even assumed to not be a 'team player.'

You must be a robotic supporter, never wavering or going
against a particular community's (which means a few mouthy
pricks') views on what they think God's law should say, according
to them. (Or lie about it, to get what they want!)

Not only do these nosy heifers stay up in your personal
business, gossip mercilessly, and intimidate and terrorize better
than Al Qaeda could ever hope to, but they have shaming and
ostracization down to a science.

Retaliation for perceived betrayal (nonconformity, or committing
one of the church-approved 'unthinkable sins--you know, the
ones the rest of the congregation were able to keep covered up)
can be mild, subtle, or innocuous-seeming in many circles.
After all, especially in small towns, directness and honesty
aren't a big part of church life.

But in many cases, being socially cast off and disparaged
can be so relentless, so brutal, that people's lives are ruined.
The gap between what 'spiritual' people purport to do and what
they actually do is an ever-widening gap that many have fallen
through the crack of.

A rebel's disregard for any portion of church activity or doctrine
(like, say, last Sunday, Father's Day's unprecedented nationally
coordinated second 'plate passing' to gather financial support
to crush gay marriage initiatives) is grounds for alienation within
the church. But, those churches less desirous of drama or conflict
can simply give the cold shoulder until the 'trouble-maker' gets
the picture and 'chooses' to take their unwelcome ass elsewhere.

Questioning teachings, addressing incorrect behavior, and
simply 'making noise' while the crazies are doing their thing
and riding high on their power are all grounds for alienation,
dismissal, abuse, harassment, or worse in more extreme
circles. And religion is nothing if not a breeding ground for

So, people say they believe, or act the part to avoid being
the object of conflict or neglect, finding it easier to fly under
the radar and let others be the focus of rage and control
and insanity that every church harbors in their indoctrination
or condemnation fest (or smear campaigns.) Many would rather
live a lie and keep family and friends happy than deal with
their wrath.

After seeing first hand how self-professed 'godly' people act
(and the examples from Phelps, NOM, AFA, and all the
rest get more and more outrageous every day on the news,)
there is no denying that these folks are unbalanced and dealing
with serious mental health issues.

Perhaps, when someone becomes 'born again,' they really
just revert back to ridiculously helpless babies with no clue
how to engage the world.

The evidence seems to support that theory.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Get it Straight...(well, you know)...

And that's not even considering;

*Teachers holding prayers before lunch in schools (NOT moments of silence)

*School books that reflect religious-based ignorance of history and science

*Ten Commandments posted in county, state, and federal buildings

*Voting held at churches and religious buildings for elections

*Using the Bible for swearing in folks in court

*Prayer before sporting events and other secular public events


*Phone banks and collections for political use on church grounds, with church money

*Using emotional influence and terrorism  and promises to get favors, funds, and
    attack enemies

*Back-room deals

*Tax-exempt status while not maintaining separation of church and state

*Taking federal funds for running 'charities' and institutions' while promoting
    discrimination tactics and policies in said agencies

*Terrorizing and frightening children to induct them into their cults (child abuse)

*Engaging in and Covering up sexual rape of children, usually systematically

*Religious-based colleges and high schools allowed to promote religious bias

*Using social injustice and fear tactics to raise huge funds

*Crying poor-mouth over 'victimization' where none exists; using falsehoods
   to rally support and sympathy

*Blackmailing ('boycotting') businesses to have them subscribe to their beliefs

..and many, many more.

These bullshit traditions and expectations are so firmly entrenched in daily life,
most never question them, and when they do they are labeled unholy, unpatriotic,
heathens, blasphemers, etc., as if they were the problem for pointing out the
incorrect behavior of the believers (and the institutions that cater to them.)

AND STILL, these folks aren't happy until they control everything.

Ultimate freedom; owing and bowing to none (since they make up their weird
    interpretations of their fictional tome)

A sense of privilege, ego and entitlement thanks to their delusion over being
an ordained rep of their Big Kahuna, which evidently allows them to go ape-shit
crazy and feel they are no longer bound by human laws, decency, truths, or


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Unlike Jesus, It Really Does Exist!

Funny how the partial interpretation of existing laws
and rights are used to support the religious in
their fervor to push their agenda, but the same
established laws are disregarded when it
comes time to protect the rights of opposition or
alternate beliefs!

Like any rights
(such as the freedom to practice religion,)
it can be taken away if it is abused.

Religious terrorism is not acceptable.
Religious indoctrination within society
is not acceptable.
Religion is a privilege, not an innate right.
Abuse it and lose it.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bible Rewrites...A-Gain!

In an ever-constant attempt to further modernize,
rewrite, and popularize the horrible old tome,
new publishers are putting a new spin on the
fables, new and old, to better reach a younger
and...well, here's a snippet of their efforts.


"Ooh, I done TOLD y'all not to come
up in here with all that loud carrying-on
and nastiness!
Get ta stepping, I say!
You ain't gots to go home, but ya
got to get the hell up outta here!"


"Grrrrlll, pleez!
You so tired!
You so old!
Why you don't gets you a new game?
This one all played out.
You a played out trick.
I wish somebody would crucify me...
it'd be less painful than
puttin' up wit' yo' bizness!"


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bling Bling!

If 'god' is so powerful, so magnificent,
so wondrous and real and attainable,
etc. ad nauseum...

Then why is it necessary to
put on such theatrics,
entertain with such spectacle,
create such lavishness
in order to 'show him' to folks?

Why is all of the hooplah and
cheerleading and sway needed
to pump it up for Baby Jesus?
If it's so real and deep and good, that is?

Why are there Jumbotronics and
study groups and movies and endless books?
Exciting posters and statues and
necklaces and memorabilia?
Why the exciting visuals and
heavy-handed stories and
over-the-top testimonials
and psychedelic interpretation
of everyday events...
if it's possible for all to see god?

Isn't he a big ego-maniac who
wants to be seen, heard, noticed,
loved, and worshipped?

If so, it certainly seems things
would be a lot easier to
recognize. A lot more visibility.
A lot more direct and public and
decipherable messages and

Just saying.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

"RELIGULOUS" by Bill Maher (Full Film)

Bill does such a great job pointing out the problems of religion, as it exists,
there isn't even a need for debunking! Here's the complete documentary.

Thanks to a friend for reminding me of this and inspiring me to share !


Thursday, May 24, 2012

"A One Woman Atheist Factory"

This is a pretty phenomenal piece showcasing the always brilliant Joy Behar,
as she has a panel of three very different commentators all going Pile-driver on
the Tea Party Fave, Christine O'Donnell (and, of course, all her like-minded
equivalents that are pervading politics and the public scene still.)

Some really excellent observations that wryly sum up the problem with the
religious folks, their platforms, their sanity (or lack thereof,) and their
involvement in politics.

Definitely a good chuckle, at the expense of an admittedly easy target. Enjoy!


Monday, May 21, 2012

What's in a Name?

Why must 'Christians' label themselves as such and proudly
boast? I thought the point was the action and the effect of
'goodness'--for its own sake? With these folks it's all ego and
PR campaign.

The idea that good deeds are limited to those who have a
self-believed 'higher calling' is mistaken. Nonetheless,
self-professed Xians have a preponderance of self-importance
and tend to dismiss the good deeds of non-religious folks.

As if by virtue of being separated from the church and the idea
of 'god' and 'believers,' good deeds are hollow and ineffective.
After all, how could there be any possible motivation to help
people and be an upstanding person without god?!?

There are--and can be--many motivations for doing good;

*Sense of Community
*Paying Back (or Paying it forward)
*Choosing Civilized behavior over selfishness

It certainly isn't limited to attempting to mimic a higher being or
winning brownie points to make it into a cloud-kingdom post-death.

But the misconception, as always, is that labeling oneself 'covered
in god's name' provides a legitimacy that is not owned by others.
There is a question as to why someone who doesn't believe in god--
or at least voice it vociferously-- would be trying to get involved.

I'd wager a terribly minuscule amount of religious people actually
do good at all, and of those who do, fewer still do it when no
one is looking and there is no acclaim to be garnered.

Most that I have seen have actually use the name and concept
of god and their religion to do immeasurable harm to their fellow

Let the good do good. When you attach the provision that one
who receives charity must also be subjected to proselytizing,
you eliminate any semblance of actual kindness.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

In Their Own Words

A powerfully frightening indictment on the indoctrination process used
on children in the evangelical movement.

Especially well done, particularly as the film-makers were far more
balanced in their approach than I could have been, and the effect is
that their loony B.S. comes across clearly without anyone confronting
or condemning them.

You'll see a lot of Bachmann-esque "crazed deer in the headlights" looks
and Romney-esque insolent-eyes mirrored in these lovelies.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Behind the Hoods

Westboro Baptist Sanitarium escapees show their asses--
with heads prominently affixed within

The thing about fanaticism is that nobody ever
thinks 'their side' is guilty of it.
No one ever considers themselves a fanatic.

They'll scream and shout and shake their
head about how Muslims (and others) believe their
precious book of lies and are on the wrong path,
and note no level of similarity (or irony) as they
dutifully proclaim pure truth for their
own idiotic actions and beliefs.

Now, most people think fanatics are
merely made up of crack-pots and
folks who should be on heavy meds.
And yeah...that's certainly a component.

But there are plenty of fanatics who
are scary, desperate, dangerous folks
because they have failed in every other
area of life, and their 'belief' is all they
have left.

They're dangerous because they are
fervently covering up for the fact that
deep down, they are scared to death that what
they (want to) believe is really just another
lie, and so they become consumed with
'making' it all true.
Forcing people to believe.
Forcing themselves to meet an imagined ideal.
Proving their worth.
Finding a vehicle for their pain and rage.

They can't let anyone see that underneath
the facade, they have questions....they
don't have the unwavering faith they claim to...
they're unsure, and--in their fragile minds--

It's the exact opposite of what it seems;
they appear to be devout because they're
so desperately trying to fill a void.
Maybe drugs filled it before, or
other extremist behavior or addiction.
But it's all they have now....
and that's the sort of individual
and radical behavior that religion specializes
in procuring and manufacturing and nurturing.


Be as afraid of what's behind the facade
as you are of what's being shown.