Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Love Moxy!

I LOVE a good, real, bare-bones protest.

A get-in-your-face,
your shit is outrageous so ours has to be also,
offensive-ass and provocative

And these ladies (and Grrrrlz!) take
the cake! This is a protest with TEETH
a la the old ACT UP and Greenpeace stuff.

(Hey, the enemy bares their teeth on us
all the time, but we aren't supposed to
reciprocate? Yeesh--like this even compares
to centuries of abuses and criminal activities of
organized religion or the Catholic church in particular.)

It's impressive in its effectiveness to
get people's attention and get the publicity--and make
a message that will resonate.

We should start taking more cues
of outrageous indoctrination and dissemination
of information from the masters of mental
manipulation, the church folks.


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