Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pick and Choose

Whatever happened to the 'immorality'
of piousness...
and judgementalness...
and ego...
and hypocrisy?

I guess those admonitions got lost
somewhere in the umpteen translations.

Or, more likely...
the reality that religion is all just headgames
and make believe doesn't cover up the idea
of 'spiritual transformation' being malarkey...
and human beings would far rather create
misery for another
than give up their own vices.


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Process

Life is dark and insane and wretched,
with chaos reigning and hardships constant...

so some people have booze and drugs
to help them through the rough patches,
others become absorbed in their work,
some screw their brains out to medicate,
and others eat away their pain.

But some feel the need to impose a
fictional system over the barbs of fluctuation
and meaninglessness.

They subscribe to amazing tales and superstitious
applications of faulty reasoning to concoct a
method and pattern and 'plan' where none exists.

This gives them a sense of comfort, the idea
of making sense of the senseless, and then they
are sated...for a time.

But then others seek to address the reality
of random death and cruel fates and wanton
violence....and that seems to undermine the
pretense of calm that those dedicated to the
fabrication have constructed.

And thus the battle begins.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

There's a big difference between being calmed
by the concept of religion and being made compliant
or complicit by it.

The church teaches demurity and selflessness so
that they can more easily sway folks and get away
with their personal evils. (Saying you're spiritual and
chaste is far different from actually practicing it.)

'Submissiveness' is not a spiritual path, but rather
a means of furthering the hierarchy.

Your humility is for the benefit of the institution,
not the individual.

It's not coincidence that the wealthy, the powerful,
and the male created religion as a means of keeping
radicals, the poor, women, gays, slaves, and others
from questioning the injustice, the hardship, the
inhumanity of conditions in this world.

And some things never change.