Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bling Bling!

If 'god' is so powerful, so magnificent,
so wondrous and real and attainable,
etc. ad nauseum...

Then why is it necessary to
put on such theatrics,
entertain with such spectacle,
create such lavishness
in order to 'show him' to folks?

Why is all of the hooplah and
cheerleading and sway needed
to pump it up for Baby Jesus?
If it's so real and deep and good, that is?

Why are there Jumbotronics and
study groups and movies and endless books?
Exciting posters and statues and
necklaces and memorabilia?
Why the exciting visuals and
heavy-handed stories and
over-the-top testimonials
and psychedelic interpretation
of everyday events...
if it's possible for all to see god?

Isn't he a big ego-maniac who
wants to be seen, heard, noticed,
loved, and worshipped?

If so, it certainly seems things
would be a lot easier to
recognize. A lot more visibility.
A lot more direct and public and
decipherable messages and

Just saying.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

"RELIGULOUS" by Bill Maher (Full Film)

Bill does such a great job pointing out the problems of religion, as it exists,
there isn't even a need for debunking! Here's the complete documentary.

Thanks to a friend for reminding me of this and inspiring me to share !


Thursday, May 24, 2012

"A One Woman Atheist Factory"

This is a pretty phenomenal piece showcasing the always brilliant Joy Behar,
as she has a panel of three very different commentators all going Pile-driver on
the Tea Party Fave, Christine O'Donnell (and, of course, all her like-minded
equivalents that are pervading politics and the public scene still.)

Some really excellent observations that wryly sum up the problem with the
religious folks, their platforms, their sanity (or lack thereof,) and their
involvement in politics.

Definitely a good chuckle, at the expense of an admittedly easy target. Enjoy!


Monday, May 21, 2012

What's in a Name?

Why must 'Christians' label themselves as such and proudly
boast? I thought the point was the action and the effect of
'goodness'--for its own sake? With these folks it's all ego and
PR campaign.

The idea that good deeds are limited to those who have a
self-believed 'higher calling' is mistaken. Nonetheless,
self-professed Xians have a preponderance of self-importance
and tend to dismiss the good deeds of non-religious folks.

As if by virtue of being separated from the church and the idea
of 'god' and 'believers,' good deeds are hollow and ineffective.
After all, how could there be any possible motivation to help
people and be an upstanding person without god?!?

There are--and can be--many motivations for doing good;

*Sense of Community
*Paying Back (or Paying it forward)
*Choosing Civilized behavior over selfishness

It certainly isn't limited to attempting to mimic a higher being or
winning brownie points to make it into a cloud-kingdom post-death.

But the misconception, as always, is that labeling oneself 'covered
in god's name' provides a legitimacy that is not owned by others.
There is a question as to why someone who doesn't believe in god--
or at least voice it vociferously-- would be trying to get involved.

I'd wager a terribly minuscule amount of religious people actually
do good at all, and of those who do, fewer still do it when no
one is looking and there is no acclaim to be garnered.

Most that I have seen have actually use the name and concept
of god and their religion to do immeasurable harm to their fellow

Let the good do good. When you attach the provision that one
who receives charity must also be subjected to proselytizing,
you eliminate any semblance of actual kindness.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

In Their Own Words

A powerfully frightening indictment on the indoctrination process used
on children in the evangelical movement.

Especially well done, particularly as the film-makers were far more
balanced in their approach than I could have been, and the effect is
that their loony B.S. comes across clearly without anyone confronting
or condemning them.

You'll see a lot of Bachmann-esque "crazed deer in the headlights" looks
and Romney-esque insolent-eyes mirrored in these lovelies.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Behind the Hoods

Westboro Baptist Sanitarium escapees show their asses--
with heads prominently affixed within

The thing about fanaticism is that nobody ever
thinks 'their side' is guilty of it.
No one ever considers themselves a fanatic.

They'll scream and shout and shake their
head about how Muslims (and others) believe their
precious book of lies and are on the wrong path,
and note no level of similarity (or irony) as they
dutifully proclaim pure truth for their
own idiotic actions and beliefs.

Now, most people think fanatics are
merely made up of crack-pots and
folks who should be on heavy meds.
And yeah...that's certainly a component.

But there are plenty of fanatics who
are scary, desperate, dangerous folks
because they have failed in every other
area of life, and their 'belief' is all they
have left.

They're dangerous because they are
fervently covering up for the fact that
deep down, they are scared to death that what
they (want to) believe is really just another
lie, and so they become consumed with
'making' it all true.
Forcing people to believe.
Forcing themselves to meet an imagined ideal.
Proving their worth.
Finding a vehicle for their pain and rage.

They can't let anyone see that underneath
the facade, they have questions....they
don't have the unwavering faith they claim to...
they're unsure, and--in their fragile minds--

It's the exact opposite of what it seems;
they appear to be devout because they're
so desperately trying to fill a void.
Maybe drugs filled it before, or
other extremist behavior or addiction.
But it's all they have now....
and that's the sort of individual
and radical behavior that religion specializes
in procuring and manufacturing and nurturing.


Be as afraid of what's behind the facade
as you are of what's being shown.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

"In G.O.P. We Trust"

"A Bachmann America is one where
self-hating homo's are forced to suppress their
feelings and marry insane harpies!
These are the ideals we have fought to
impose on the unwilling!
This is what America is all about.
(Not really...but it's part of
my master plan.)
Heil Bachmann!"


The Grand Old Party has subverted
the values of Lincoln in favor of the
more selfish interests of money,
control, and conservative 'values'
having nothing ion common with
any aspect of the very religion
they pretend to promote.

Pro-Death Penalty
Anti-Health Care
Pro-Tax-Free Rich
Anti-Separation of Church & State
Pro-Religious Privilege
Anti-Social Reform

They just want to replace all of existing
government with a still-authoritative entity
that more accurately reflects their

"Hi, I'm Fictional Baby Jesus--
and if I existed, I would NOT
approve of these clueless, psychotic
mother fuckers or their regime!
Please vote for anyone but
the Republicans come November!"


Gimme Some of that New Time Religion

"'Kneel before Zod!'
ha ha! Just kidding--I'm only
the most qualified vessel for actually
communicating directly with Zod!"


The Politics of
controlling what other people
 do with their words, their bodies,
their minds....
lest 'more worthy' people
get offended!

(Halloween gets a whole lot scarier
knowing what's possible
only a few short days later.)


Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to

How can people who
believe in 'god'
say they hate
calling it a self-pleasuring
waste of time and energy?

Don't they pray all the time?


Friday, May 4, 2012


Religion's stranglehold on American culture is so in depth
that it sneaks into everything, insidiously and effortlessly,
like the evil snake it warns of in the Judeo Bible.

The court-mandated Alcoholics Anonymous is nothing
more than a breeding ground for Christian basis and
indoctrination of a whole subset of hurting and scared

Likewise, other 'recovery groups'  such as Celebrate
Recovery are forthright in their efforts to promote their
brand of preachy Christianity as a cure-all from everything
from pornography addiction to alcoholism to 'helping people'
'overcome' homosexuality. (No regulation exists on them.)

There are "Pray Away the Gay" clinics that masquerade as
actual scientific endeavors, blatantly hurting and maiming
thousands (and likely millions since their inception) utilizing
the excessive leeway given to all endeavors of a religious

What would normally be abhorrent, immoral, and illegal is
given carte blanche when the idea of 'god' is invoked.

Imposition of religion occurs in every corner of American
society, from ball games to classrooms to court rooms, all
while the indoctrinated and privileged 'believers' cry foul
and victim.

(At the local school system I worked at, Bible quotes were
freely plastered in the hallways, every room had a plaque
with a waving flag and an emboldened exertion about the
adding of "One nation, under god" being added to the
Pledge of Allegiance --never mind that it was only added
58 years ago by a bill, and teachers routinely demanded that
children in their classes say a Christian-based prayer with
them before going to lunch.

There were also always ample opportunities for god, Jesus,
and other references to church and its teachings to be brought
up during every story being read, every share, every lesson.
So much for separation of church and state.)

Even our money is tainted with the presumptuous stain of
religious influence.

But the idea of religion being 'legitimized' by supposedly scientific
persons acting within the psychological and health professional
communities, utilizing their training only to proffer their religious
agenda...that's what takes the cake.

It's baloney hiding behind the front of medicine.
It's hocus pocus, superstition, and hooey.

It's personal wish and belief filling in for facts, reason, and

Folks can pretend that religion has meaningful cultural significance
until the cows come home, but it won't make it so. It is a
backwardness that eats away at all progressiveness, culture,
and personal responsibility within society.