Friday, March 29, 2013

'Fight Club' Reincarnated!

It's the After-Common-Era Battle for it ALL!

Which fiction will flourish?

Which Myth will Master?

May the most ridiculous fantasy win!

Eggs or crucifixes;
which children's fable will you swallow!?!?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Not Rocket Science (...And Still It's Not Solved)

The only reason we still have
oppression and aversion to Equality
in this country (and around the world)
is that we have a majorly-funded and
deeply-embedded minority of scared
(and frightening) folks who are willing
to believe anything fantastical and
incredulous that they've been told.

And they never stop seeking easy targets
for recruitment and indoctrination.

Yet they remain unwilling to keep their
minds open to scientific proof, common sense,
factual evidence, or the needs of individuals
living 'outside' their thought process.

If you refuse to change, you can't grow.
And these folks cling to their ignorance as
if it were a life raft.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Queer as Hell Tommy Davis Flips What's Left of His Lid

If you're proud of something and have nothing to hide....
wouldn't you talk about it.....when you've chosen to appear on television?


Thursday, March 14, 2013

For All the Good That Did!

Ah, yes...
I remember the song well!
"Jesus loves me,
this I know,
for some heavily-edited
historically-inaccurate document
tells me so, amidst
some very contradictory
thought along those lines
as well.
Also, because I
really really really
need it to be true."
Even if Jesus the Son of man were
unconditionally loving, it's
too bad none of his 'followers' choose to
 adhere to that. Remotely.
Although, I guess since he draws in such
 a contentious bunch of assholes to
call on his name, it's pretty
fortuitous that he's so 'unconditionally'
Ain't love grand!??!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Onward, Christian Sold-yer-souls

Let's all hear it for the grand and powerful Catholic church,
continuing to invade new homes and lands every day (with
great appreciation for the American news media and their
relentless and glowing coverage of Pope-gate.)

Yes, Prepare for the assault of the New Crusades as the
so-called news agencies lick out the dirty assholes of the
Catholic church, the most corrupt and criminal church of all
time (and potentially the one with the highest death count.)

Ahh, the discrepancy between the public promotion and
the private reality!

Nothing says "Success" like secrecy, superficiality, sanctimony,
self-aggrandizement, and denying responsibility for the victims
left in your wake! Power to the Papal! The devil would be so
proud...if he existed, either.


Monday, March 4, 2013

First Do No Harm: The Hypocritical Oath

Why not Poseidon, or Zeus, or Muhammed,
or Underdog, if religious statues in public places are okay?
 At what point did we lose all semblance of rational
thought, and start kow-towing to the fantastical
imaginings of a select minority?

If super-hero fans started getting loud enough
and scary enough, would we then hang up pictures
of Superman and erect statues of Captain America
in public places, just to quiet their pleas?

("Well, it's a nice statue, calms the nerves; it
certainly isn't doing anyone any harm just existing.
We'll just ignore that it's a fictional character.")

The unfunny side of it, the deathly serious side is;
other fictional characters have not been used as a
means of harming human being for centuries, and
they're the ones we'll never see put up.

But the one that worries and hurts and offends;
let's put him everywhere!

Snap to, people; they're all false idols!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Joseph Ratzinger: CRIMINAL FOR LIFE

So 'God' was sometimes (only sometimes?)
asleep at the wheel, eh?
Sounds a whole lot like more
justification and abdication of responsibility to me.

Did 'God' choose for you to
participate in cover-ups, allow
child rape, help you to destroy lives,
and further a human agenda of secrecy and lies?

No, bitch...
I didn't think so.