Monday, November 6, 2017

Behind the Pretty Lies

This is why the modern mental-rapists-for-Jesus 
can afford to hide behind smiles and self-aggrandizing
'missionary' trips to 3rd world regions in an effort
to build their army of catatonic sheep.

Because all the bloody murders and thave already 
been waged, bringing the false message of Yahweh 
and/or Jesus to so many that they will never be toppled.

The church has sufficient power and a stranglehold
over the masses' minds and no further physical battles
are necessary; Their prime objective has been achieved.

And if they do run into any stumbling blocks, it isn't
a prayer they offer up, but a call to the politicians 
either in their back pocket or afraid of them. 

The money and influence of the church is the ultimate
lobbyist group. There will NEVER be taxation on
churches in America because they own and control
the politicians who should be in charge of making
it happen.


Father, Figured

It's not coincidence that the god concept (in the 
most popular, widespread religions and beliefs)
is crafted as male.

Products of masculinity-based cultures, the 
patriarchies of the past sought to instill continued

The traditionally masculine attributes of animosity,
ferociousness, possessiveness, dominance, aggression,
hawkishness, chaos-mindedness, pettiness, jealousy, 
and all the other egoistic, out of control, power-hungry
traits of 'god' originate in his creator, man.

Thus they are given a 'divine' blessing when god
exemplifies these behaviors and traits.

If anything is permissible in one's attempts to
advance the 'will of god,' then nothing can be

Just look to the current G.O.P. politicians to 
see how the fixed notion of 'manly, righteous,
disaffected god' is used to promote and defend
all manner of heinous efforts.