Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Traveling Prison

One of the most insidiously effective
aspects of religion and its control over
the general population is that it provides 
a means of keeping people in line that
they provide and maintain themselves.

Once a person has been indoctrinated 
into religion (the younger the better, so they
can utilize all the proper fear tactics and 
appeal to the desire to please authority
figures,) they carry the very message that is 
controlling them within their own mind.

It's an entirely cost-effective and results-oriented
means of keeping virtual shackles on the
imprisoned populace. The kicker? They
also believe that the shackles they now have--
which they don't even consider as such--were
entirely their own idea and choice!

So under the illusion of freedom--and being
approved of by their cosmic father figure--
people are kept in place by a system of
perpetual obedience and deference.

You don't have to have group think and
mob mentality to rehash the stories and 
rituals that will keep the sheep in check,
but they're available too.

But once you instill sufficient levels of
shame, guilt, body-consciousness, fear,
repression, and self-hate into folks, they
happily motor about their business oblivious
to the chains that now bind them.

Because when you sell a bill of goods
under the banner of being loved and 
accepted, of being part of something
bigger, of having a purpose and a place...
you really can get away with murder 
in the fine print.

Common Era Shakedown


Giving the arrogant and the mercenary
of this world a powerful tool to control
and discriminate against the masses.

For if they interpret that 'God ' is for them,
who can be against them?

Thinly-veiled excuses and implausible
rationales--a religious staple since time
immemorial. Making corruption more
possible and palatable.


Purpose-Filled Lies


Because 'the Powers that Be' wanted

the lowly workers to be consumed
with reaching a beautiful paradise (only
once they dropped dead)--so they 
wouldn't be interested in seeking
justice in this life.


Proof Enough

If 'Jesus' really wanted believers he
should have set himself/themselves 
up like 'Candyman' or 'Bloody Mary;'
Cuz if I call your name, I'm gonna
need you to show up if you want me
to trust you!

I can't be having any unreliable
invisible, voiceless friends!

(I know the book says he knocked 
3 times, but that trick ain't playing
out any more--conveniently enough.)

Gosh--all the limits on these
 omnipotent creations!