Friday, May 24, 2013

"Altho it's been said, many times, many ways...."

What the Fuckwas this show doing on The History Channel!?!?!

Shoulda been on Sy-Fy at the very least.

Are they sure they don't want to make
some more revisions before they show it again?

Or come up with a new tag line?

"Most fantastically absurd story ever told...
(emphasis on 'told!'")

"The most heavily edited story ever rewritten."

"Featuring swipes from most every religion and
secular source in the known world!"

"You will believe a world religion can dominate
common sense and reality!"

And let's not pretend the 'Devil' looking like
the President was any kind of mix-up or oversight.
Burnett and his wife are part of the same nut ball
Tea-Party hardcore right-wing Republican gang
of conservative thugs that hold to all the abnormal
prefixes of said same; anti-gay, anti-choice, Obama
conspiratists, etc.--Hell, they even promote forced
teaching of The Bible in public schools!

I love how these folks produce a flowery, kind-
hearted epic like this to put a smiley-spin on the
story, and to distract from the fact that the gist
of the actual teachings bears nothing in common
to the strident and demanding sycophants that
dominate these for-profit organizations seeking
to control people and politics.

Given the ratings for this crap fest, I guess
America's still in decline in terms of intellect
and critical thinking. Desperate times produce
desperate actions. Guess that's what the backers
were planning on the whole time.


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