Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bling Bling!

If 'god' is so powerful, so magnificent,
so wondrous and real and attainable,
etc. ad nauseum...

Then why is it necessary to
put on such theatrics,
entertain with such spectacle,
create such lavishness
in order to 'show him' to folks?

Why is all of the hooplah and
cheerleading and sway needed
to pump it up for Baby Jesus?
If it's so real and deep and good, that is?

Why are there Jumbotronics and
study groups and movies and endless books?
Exciting posters and statues and
necklaces and memorabilia?
Why the exciting visuals and
heavy-handed stories and
over-the-top testimonials
and psychedelic interpretation
of everyday events...
if it's possible for all to see god?

Isn't he a big ego-maniac who
wants to be seen, heard, noticed,
loved, and worshipped?

If so, it certainly seems things
would be a lot easier to
recognize. A lot more visibility.
A lot more direct and public and
decipherable messages and

Just saying.


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