Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Suffer the Children, Part One

The religious target children with mind control and terrorist practices;
Coercion, threats, fear tactics, physical disciplining and abuse.
Inciting god's wrath to intimidate.

But not at first.

They gloss over the extremism and ugliness of their doctrine and dogma
with seductive measures, designed to lure impressionable, vulnerable
kids in. Insidiously engaging them with treats, games, songs, and lots
of hugs (from members of questionable sanity and intent,) the 'well-meaning'
adults (uh-oh! Even the sinners know where that path leads!) entice the kids
with the pretense of fun and love and belonging.

Then, WHAM! Right between the eyes.

Hmmmn. Surreptitiousness, deceit, lies, duplicity; all the things that
go into making a world class religion.

Out of nowhere, a child's limited world is rocked with:

"Only people who love Jesus get to Heaven...and..."
A) "You don't want to miss out on all the fun in Heaven like we're having here, do you?"
B) "You don't want to be kept away from Mommy/Daddy/Granny/Sissy, etc. if you don't
  do what Jesus wants, do you?"
(This wouldn't have worked on me! If I'd believed in heaven and thought my parents had
  a chance of showing up there, I'd have been damned determined to be elsewhere!)
C) "You don't want to upset Pastor Cock Snatch, do you?"
D) "You don't want to hurt Baby Jesus, after he died and was beaten for you, do you?"
E) "You don't want to burn in the pits of hell forever do you?"

I know what you're thinking--Subtle, right?

Many probably think this is an extremist's take on what goes on. In fact, it's
mild compared to the level and veracity of indoctrination that many children
suffer every day, constantly, in churches around the world, until they are
completely stomped into fearful submission.

And for the child that is the offspring of extremists, for whom every second of
every day is an extremist event whilst preparing for the end of the world, this
tragedy is only furthered. Fanaticism is on the rise. Home-schooling is on the rise.

And every time a child misses the opportunity to socialize in a normal environment
with normal children, their indoctrination deepens (which is precisely why home-
schooling exists to begin with.)(to be continued...)

And that's the point. Children are the easiest converts because they are
so gullible, so vulnerable, so needy, and so emotionally compromised. They
are impressionable and open to anything, as yet fully-developed in their ideas.
They don't yet have a protective system in place, a bullshit filter, an ability to
combat abuse from a group of people that each outweigh them by 3 x and have
absolute control over their lives.

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