Thursday, June 28, 2012

Suffer the Children, Part Two

The depravity of this pervasive abuse of children, under pretense of
'caring so much about their souls and wanting to actually help them'
is terrifying. Fanaticism and dogmatic devotion are at an all-time high
in America in particular, and just like Neo-Nazis, these hate and
mind-control cults are growing and becoming more entrenched in their

Religious Extremism as the New Norm

The fact that these groups are tolerated and even sanctioned by
rational, thinking people is even more indefensible. These religious
cults are allowed free reign because of predominance and adamance
and habit; no one thinks to question, especially since many  adults
who are 'non-believers' had unpleasant experiences of their own
as children. That inability to question or go against church workings
is still present.

The Southern Poverty Law Center looks at Hate and ExtremismChildren are taught to memorize quotes and paraded about, parroting
them to acclaim and praise, not even capable of understanding the
meaning of what they are saying and doing. Good little soldiers,
obedient slaves, mindless drones; these are the prizes of fanatics.

Children have 'God'--the now scary and displeased and vengeful
wrathful brute--used as a club with which to bash out any action or
behavior that displeases the parent/care-taker/church adults....actions
that are generally normal childhood behavior demonized by crazy
church goers; speaking, moving, playing, being silly, getting dirty,
getting loud, being impatient, etc.

They are taught that disobeying an adult, merely being childlike--or
in the case of many Southern churches, being 'gender-inappropriate'--is the
same as going against God/Bible/church. That's way too heavy a burden
for a compliant, submissive child. It destroys psyches.

They know, too, that going against the adults will lead to being
dismissed, having love withheld, punishment, and--oh yeah--eternal
damnation. ("Praise be to myths and indoctrination!")

It's never a real shock to see how pastors' kids and other children
of highly-active church-goers become dangerous, high-risk livers,
drugging and drinking and sexing quite often. Or, the other effect,
becoming duplicitous, dichotomous people who feign their parents
interests and then have a double-live in private, in order to survive.
Neither outcome is desirable, but it beats those that have their
personality and emotions eradicated, forever living as a ghostly
shell at the whim of doctrine and dogma and fear....afraid to lose
the connection they were promised (if only they did what they were told.)

Institutionalized child abuse.

Generations...multitudes...of pople afraid of their own bodies, their
own minds, their sexuality, their voice. Afraid to live, love, dance,
feel...thinking they are always being supernaturally spied upon.
Drinking, drugging, committing suicide to escape the damage done to
them by those they trusted (or simply couldn't fight back against.)

One Church's Survivors Speak Out
Even their desires and feelings are subject to recrimination at the
whim of the superstitious infections that were grafted onto their minds.

-The church is rich and powerful; Check.
-All kinds of political and community leaders involved: Check.
-Children have always been expendable in this society,--no one
    cares: Check.
-You have to keep cultivating obsessed members for the church
    teachings to continue; Check.

That's quite a racket they have here.


Resources for Recovering:

Some Books on Surviving Religious Cults

Living After Faith

Recovering From Religion

Recovery from Ex-Gay Movement & Religious Schools


    "Eighty percent of adult children of pastors surveyed
have had to seek professional help for depression."
                                           -courtesy Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ

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