Friday, December 7, 2012

Well THAT Makes Sense!

So, lemme get this straight:

Hardcore evangelical goofball Republican
'Christians' assert that there's a sky-daddy who looks
after them especially, answers their prayers, speaks
directly to them in their head, is invisible, and guides
them/serves as excuse for whatever crazy shit they
feel like perpetrating.


They refuse to even acknowledge the
existence of the scientifically-proven
Greenhouse Effect that is ravaging the world
with record-high temps, worsening catastrophic
events, melting glaciers, and a host of other actual,
provable data-supported incidences? (In fact,
often countering that these weather events
are the results of groups they wish to demonize,
as explained by their magical mystery Lordy-Gawd.)

Let me know how that works out for ya,
when you die from a sudden snowstorm,
and don't wind up in Heaven.


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