Friday, September 7, 2012

Separation of Church and State Watch: Pat Robertson

I simply can't recall the last time I sensed such
dignity, righteousness, and sincerity in the form of one man!
(Yeah, right!)

Pat Robertson and his ilk-- the out-of-touch,
old-school Bible-thumping nut job preachers,
heading up their billion dollar Industry (posing
as religion, education, and salvation)--would be
completely irrelevant and laughable
if not for one small problem;

People are still moved to action and influenced
by his insane commentary all the time.

Right now, on CBN programs, they are
losing their shit trying to commit American minds
to the concept that Obama is this demon-possessed,
traitorous, Anti-Christ figure who means to drag us all
into the depths of ruin, and, if we all LOVVVVVE Jesus, we
better go and vote against him in November.
And donate money. Don't forget to donate money.

Quick aside; if these freaks and fanatics believe
that the end times are inevitable, and in fact meant
to occur, as a lead-in to their 'maker' doing a come-back tour....
then whyyyyy exactly (???) are they so opposed to the
man they see as the downfall of western Civilization?

(And to be fair, we really don't need much of a kick-start
to reach a complete downfall; our societal meltdown
has been in free fall for decades. Our reign is, thankfully,
nearly over!)

But whether it's blaming tornadoes and hurricanes on
the homosexuals (again!) or bilking little old poor
people out of their life savings, bashing on the liberal
black guy running the country or fighting to keep
children abused and indoctrinated, these schleps are
busy as Hell. (Rightfully so, since they flew straight
out of Satan's ass, surely.)

I wonder, when me and my fellow homos have time
to even 'commit sin' on a personal level, what with us
busy destroying New Orleans (twice,) causing planes
to fly into the Twin Towers, realizing the destruction
of the traditional family, and, of course, shoving our
agenda down America's throat in the Network Fall lineup!

(Yes, it sounds insane to a thinking person;
the problem is that Robertson is a terrorist who
takes advantage of the ignorance of his flock,
who believve him to be genuine... and a conduit
to this mystical law-giver in the sky.)

Keep up to date on the less-than-jovial horseshit
of these nutters at a great website, below:

Right Wing Watch


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