Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Behind the Hoods

Westboro Baptist Sanitarium escapees show their asses--
with heads prominently affixed within

The thing about fanaticism is that nobody ever
thinks 'their side' is guilty of it.
No one ever considers themselves a fanatic.

They'll scream and shout and shake their
head about how Muslims (and others) believe their
precious book of lies and are on the wrong path,
and note no level of similarity (or irony) as they
dutifully proclaim pure truth for their
own idiotic actions and beliefs.

Now, most people think fanatics are
merely made up of crack-pots and
folks who should be on heavy meds.
And yeah...that's certainly a component.

But there are plenty of fanatics who
are scary, desperate, dangerous folks
because they have failed in every other
area of life, and their 'belief' is all they
have left.

They're dangerous because they are
fervently covering up for the fact that
deep down, they are scared to death that what
they (want to) believe is really just another
lie, and so they become consumed with
'making' it all true.
Forcing people to believe.
Forcing themselves to meet an imagined ideal.
Proving their worth.
Finding a vehicle for their pain and rage.

They can't let anyone see that underneath
the facade, they have questions....they
don't have the unwavering faith they claim to...
they're unsure, and--in their fragile minds--

It's the exact opposite of what it seems;
they appear to be devout because they're
so desperately trying to fill a void.
Maybe drugs filled it before, or
other extremist behavior or addiction.
But it's all they have now....
and that's the sort of individual
and radical behavior that religion specializes
in procuring and manufacturing and nurturing.


Be as afraid of what's behind the facade
as you are of what's being shown.


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