Friday, May 4, 2012


Religion's stranglehold on American culture is so in depth
that it sneaks into everything, insidiously and effortlessly,
like the evil snake it warns of in the Judeo Bible.

The court-mandated Alcoholics Anonymous is nothing
more than a breeding ground for Christian basis and
indoctrination of a whole subset of hurting and scared

Likewise, other 'recovery groups'  such as Celebrate
Recovery are forthright in their efforts to promote their
brand of preachy Christianity as a cure-all from everything
from pornography addiction to alcoholism to 'helping people'
'overcome' homosexuality. (No regulation exists on them.)

There are "Pray Away the Gay" clinics that masquerade as
actual scientific endeavors, blatantly hurting and maiming
thousands (and likely millions since their inception) utilizing
the excessive leeway given to all endeavors of a religious

What would normally be abhorrent, immoral, and illegal is
given carte blanche when the idea of 'god' is invoked.

Imposition of religion occurs in every corner of American
society, from ball games to classrooms to court rooms, all
while the indoctrinated and privileged 'believers' cry foul
and victim.

(At the local school system I worked at, Bible quotes were
freely plastered in the hallways, every room had a plaque
with a waving flag and an emboldened exertion about the
adding of "One nation, under god" being added to the
Pledge of Allegiance --never mind that it was only added
58 years ago by a bill, and teachers routinely demanded that
children in their classes say a Christian-based prayer with
them before going to lunch.

There were also always ample opportunities for god, Jesus,
and other references to church and its teachings to be brought
up during every story being read, every share, every lesson.
So much for separation of church and state.)

Even our money is tainted with the presumptuous stain of
religious influence.

But the idea of religion being 'legitimized' by supposedly scientific
persons acting within the psychological and health professional
communities, utilizing their training only to proffer their religious
agenda...that's what takes the cake.

It's baloney hiding behind the front of medicine.
It's hocus pocus, superstition, and hooey.

It's personal wish and belief filling in for facts, reason, and

Folks can pretend that religion has meaningful cultural significance
until the cows come home, but it won't make it so. It is a
backwardness that eats away at all progressiveness, culture,
and personal responsibility within society.

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