Tuesday, March 6, 2012

That Shit Never Gets Old

Pat Robertson, ye old speaker on all things
ridiculous and moronic, has once again decreed
his total embrace of idiocy.

After the deadly tornadoes this week,
he declared on his money-maker TV show
that if enough people prayed for the
stop of the tornadoes, baby fictional
Jesus would have surely stopped them.

This is only the latest remarkably unreasoning,
oblivious statement from the inventor of ideas
like "gays and abortionists caused 9-11"
or other such nonsense.

He also went on to state that 'god' wasn't
to blame, and similar to his Hurricane
Katrina diatribe, blamed the poor people
who built or bought houses where a
tornado was likely to land.

In addition to the stupidity, the recklessness,
the heartlessness of these comments, the
real danger is that susceptible people will believe
this joke because they are desperate to believe
in something and because he is being broadcast on TV.

Trust me, if prayer worked, this Bozo would have
keeled over decades ago.

Guess there's no such thing as karma, either.


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