Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Child and Their Ideas, None-too-Soon Parted

I had a child (teenager) who wanted to shriek and rail
against me recently because I believe as I do.
(Again, merely existing is considered 'attack'
against the ridiculous mythology of religion.)

When I didn't change my story or apologize
because she was upset, she screeched at me
"Well, everyone has their opinions."

That's somewhat true. But children don't.

An opinion--or at least, the only kind that matter
or count...informed ones-- are gained in one way.
Research, introspection, investigation, comparison,
survey, education, experience, and then, after
thoughtful consideration, an opinion.

Children just regurgitate what's been taught them
by those they wish to impress.
They know no better. They likely don't even know
there's an alternative to what they were taught.

They certainly don't know that they have a choice in the matter.


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