Thursday, March 15, 2012


(Gotta use this one again!)

I'm sitting at the public library, which is, of course,
rife with its own risks and exposures.

Upon viewing my page (nosey bitch!), the women
who sat next to me starts in with the "THANK YOU,
JESUS!" running commentary to herself.

Now, her stupidity is her concern,
but given the dire outcome of most religious zealots,
I take shit like this as terroristic act....
as a pissing contest wherein territory is marked
and intentions are claimed.
She and her husband (accompanying her)
could have been loony anti-gay killers.

So after the third or fourth Hallelujah chorus,
I asked just how much help she needed with
her computer. Which of course prompted her
frazzled, privileged "How dare he?" look of
confusion, and a new round of even louder and
more constant 'praising' and calling on the "most
powerful god."

Egad. Is it 2012 or not?
What is wrong with people?

I probably should have avoided conflict, but
this sense of self-importance that floods these
dipsticks annoys the heaven out of me.
I do not need to know what you think.
It is offensive.
If I went around shouting "Praise Vagina"
or "I call upon the power of hairy balls," it
would not be allowed.

It really isn't any different.
Keep it. To. Yourself.


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