Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crying Wolf: Deflection as Sport

To attack religion and its use is not to abjectly
attack all people who wield it. Some are simply
hapless, trusting sorts who need a leg up in this
world of challenge and trickiness.

That does not change the unbelievable nature
of the crutch--promoting that the user is lame.

Many have asked me, defensive and hurt, why
I would choose to 'attack' something (religion,
belief in 'god,') that has 'brought so many joy!'

This presupposes that it's joy which has been
brought, as opposed to compliance and repression
(The slave is always taught to revere its master.)

It also fails to address the turnaround, the oft-over-
looked legitimate and incisive query regarding
religion's true nature;
Don't all the 'well-meaning'  followers of religion feel
bad about all the innocent lives they have harmed
through promotion of false belief, wasted time,
suppressed spirits, guilt, shame, judgment, reduced
quality of life, exclusions, self-hate, excommunications,
violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, and so much more?

Avoidable, unnecessary horrors that they, by default,
and their religion, by extension, have caused?

Take your own inventory.

The predator often smiles and bears charity.


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