Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Understanding the Need

I understand the need that people have
to believe in a supernatural system of
order, of checks and balances,
of promised afterlife
and hurts assuaged.

I fully get that humanity is a
losing proposition and life is difficult
and everyone suffers.
That this world is bitter and harsh
and devastating and cruel.

But the need for an answer
does not cause an answer--
or a solution--to exist.

The man-made addressing of all
our worries and travails
through religion (and a prevailing
essence based on mankind's
nature) is not a reality
simply because people wish it were so.

Certainly there are more questions caused by
the religions of the world and
their failed attempts to make
sense of the chaos of life
than there is any relief brought
forth from them.

I understand.

I wish there was an answer to all the insanity.

I wish there was a magic rainbow and
justice and a place where kindness
prevails and is rewarded.

But I see the belief in those things
for what it is; a child's need for
things to be better than they are.

And I have no more room for
fairy tales, folk lore,
superstition, or bible stories.


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